Alicia Healy is an Emmy Award-winning producer whose work is currently airing nationally on PBS. She approaches each project with curiosity, humor, insight, artful photography, and the belief that immersion and collaboration lead to inspiring creation. 

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Her series on adult literacy for PBS, Workplace Essential Skills, won two Best of the Best Awards from the National Education Telecommunications Association, as well as serving as the core curriculum for the workforce development/training programs in Indiana, South Carolina, and New York. Her CPS Right Now! Tanner Rose segment received an Emmy Award.  She also co-produced and shot Cowboy Christmas, which won the Best Feature Documentary at the 2013 Madrid International Film Festival.

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Alicia came to filmmaking via modern dance, lighting design, and story telling. The convergence of these three loves led her to producing stories about life, the arts, education, entrepreneurship, 

juvenile justice, and hunger.  Alicia brings a passion for getting the story and a knack for creatively maximizing every interview situation. 

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